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MICROLINQ offers internet marketing and site promotion services.  So now you have registered a domain name and built and published your own personal or company web site.  Now what?  Chances are you are going to want people to find your web site as easily as possible.

Website Promotion Tips:
First you will want to print your web address on all of your marketing material; Business card, promotional print material, create a sign to place inside your store, include your web address on your answering machine, etc...  This will help to brand your companies web address within your market place.  However, how will you reach those people who are looking for your products or services but do not know your exact web address (www.yourcompany.com).  Chances are they will go to a search engine like; Google, Lycos, or AltaVista just to name a few and type in a keyword.  This is where we can help your business succeed on-line. 

Search Engine Optimization:
Some companies claim to submit you site to the top 50 search engines.  Typically these companies are submitting your URL using a submit software that is not always completely effective.  It is also important to understand how to layout your web site and tag it with the appropriate keywords so that when the search engine sends out it's "spider" to scan your site, your site is listed with the appropriate keyword categories that people are searching for.  This all may sound very complicated and bothersome but it could mean the difference between your customers finding you, or finding the competition.  Don't worry MICROLINQ is here to help.  We have the experience and technical know how to provide you with complete site promotion solutions. 

Top 5 Search Engines 2008
1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. MSN
4. AOL
5. ASK

Search Engine Friendly

1) Modify the home page to ensure appropriate content & html tags for the best Search Engine results.
2) Submit to the top Search Engines Including Google, Yahoo, MSN, & AOL)

$295.00 One time set up
$150.00 resubmission - Recommended every 6 months.

Search Engine Optimization

1) Develope and Optimize 5 specialized gateway pages
2) Optimize up to 5 keyword phrases for maximum ranking results.
3) Optimize Home page for top rankings.
4) Review content and insert html tags where needed.
5) Submit to the top Search Engines Including Google, Yahoo, MSN, & AOL)

$895.00 One time set up
$150.00 resubmission - Recommended every 6 months.

Please Note:
The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Package will optimize your search engine placement within the specified search engine directories. Many other Search Engines utilize the listing results of Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Therefore your site will be listed in many other Search Engines as well. Your website will be listed within the top 20 listings, and will usually rank within the top ten. Results can take up to 3 months from the time of subbmission.

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