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If it weren't important, you wouldn't have put it on your Web site. And it doesn't matter how important your web site is, if nobody can connect to it, it's useless. That's why using MICROLINQ is such a smart choice. We make sure your Web site is up and running, all day, every day. But it's not just reliable, it's blazing fast. We deliver the fastest, most reliable service available anywhere. How do we do it? Check out some of our strategies:

Redundant Internet Connections
MICROLINQ systems are connected to the Internet via fully redundant, multiple T3 connections. We're hooked up to a T3 through UUNET and another T3 through Sprint. Some of our competitors claim that they're connected to the Internet through multiple T3s as well, but look closely. Chances are, their so-called multiple T3s are sold to them by the same provider, so if one of their routers goes down, their entire connection goes down. But not at MICROLINQ. If one of our T3s goes down, the other one can reroute the traffic in seconds while we work on getting the connection back up. All without the slightest interruption in performance.

Redundant Routers
We route traffic from our server systems to our redundant T3 connections through, you guessed it, redundant routers. We use two Cisco Series 7513 routers (people who know routers are drooling right about now), with a host of other Cisco routers, hubs, and switches taking traffic from your servers to the Internet. In plain English, that means your data is in good hands. Because if a router goes down or if a hub goes down your service will stay online.


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