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What is Web hosting?
Web hosting allows your Web site to be connected to the Internet at high speed via a Web server so its information can be viewed globally through a browser. Metaphorically speaking, renting space on a server is comparable to renting an apartment. For a monthly fee, you reside in that apartment, and all maintenance is the responsibility of the property. You also have access to certain amenities that would otherwise be a costly investment. A Web hosting company houses your Web site on its own secure servers, enabling you to affordably leverage the power of a high-speed network, 24/7 expert monitoring and support, and state-of-the-art technology.

What are the steps involved in creating and publishing a Web site to the Internet?

Register Your Domain Name
The Web address you type into your browser to pull up a specific Web site is called its domain name, which is distributed through an Internet address registrar. Because thousands of Web sites are being published to the Internet on a weekly basis, it is important to register your domain name before you start to design your site, as the name you select will determine its look and feel. We can handle the registration process internally from start-to-finish, helping you choose a name to fit your business needs.

Design Your Web Site
Once you have selected your domain name, the next step is deciding if you want your site designed professionally through a firm such as MICROLINQ, or if you want to try it on your own with a Web site creation tool. MICROLINQ Web design team will provide you with the proper technical and creative talent to successfully plan, build and launch your Web site. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to create a customized Web site that best fits your business strategy, performance and operational requirements. Be sure to ask your MICROLINQ design consultant about competitive web hosting and design packages, as they offer a cost-effective, timely way of building an online presence.

Host Your Web Site
As soon as your site is designed, you need to choose a Web hosting company like MICROLINQ to connect it to the Internet. MICROLINQ combines state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled breadth of service, strategic partnerships and top industry professionals to provide you with affordable Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Unix hosting solutions. Whether your business is looking to publish its first Web site or to enhance its Web presence with a database-driven, sophisticated e-commerce storefront, MICROLINQ offers a hosting plan to fit your needs.

Market Your Web Site
Once you have your business online, the next step is ensuring you drive traffic to your Web site. MICROLINQ has made site promotion easy and efficient.  Our search engine optimization packages give you the resources necessary to get your site ranked within the top 20 listings of all major search engines.

Add Advanced Functionality to Your Site as Needed
As your Web site grows in complexity, MICROLINQ's scalable solutions can easily be upgraded to provide additional capacity and functionality. Whether you want to start selling your products online or move your site to its own server to enhance performance, MICROLINQ will provide you with the resources to make your Web business a success.

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